What's Possi

Search Positions, Discover Possibilities

Possi is a great new platform to connect hospitality workers with hospitality jobs. Possi is Australian based and the industry specialist in filling jobs for restaurants, pubs, cafe's, hotels, tourism and any other service orientated role. If you're looking for a job or career in hospitality, start here with Possi.

Searching for a job

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Finding a hospitality job with Possi is simple. Enter a job description or keyword on our home page and click search. If you're on a mobile device, download the Possi App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The more detail you enter in the search field, the easier it is for Possi to find you the job you've been looking for.

To shortlist or apply for a job, you will need to sign in. This is a simple matter of registering an email address and a few quick choices.

Once you are logged in, you can upload a cover letter and a resume and apply for jobs. These can be uploaded from your local computer or attached from DropBox or Google Drive.

You can also send your friends a heads-up about a great job using the social media buttons.

Good luck in your job hunt and remember to friend us too on Facebook. It's a great place to get lots of great info on your local hospitality scene.

Placing a job

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If you're a hospitality employer, Possi is the site you have been waiting for. We are dedicated to the industry, so every candidate is looking for a job in the hospitality sector.

Your first step is to set up an account. Simply fill in a few details and remember to save your ID and password somewhere safe.

Now you can set up your venues. Possi allows multiple venues for each account. Try to add as much detail as possible to your venue, as this information will be used when you make your ad.

Once your venue is complete, it's time to build an ad. Simply select a template you like, a job description and the venue the ad is for - then Possi will build your ad for you.

If you know what template you want, select "Create an Ad". Or select the "Template Designs" tab and browse the available designs. Templates vary depending on the information you need in your ad.

If you are showcasing your venue choose a template with an image gallery and a full description. If you want to keep your details quite for the time-being, choose a template that just has job details.

You will notice that the ads draw information from your venue and from the job description. Once your ad has been generated you can edit the fine details and you're good to publish. Consider a frame as well. On the search results screen framed ads do stand out.

Your ad library keeps ad drafts and published ads. You can keep them on file by archiving an ad that has expired. You can use these ads as templates for your future ads.

Once an ad is published, it will go to the top of a search for that job description. Over time other ads may push your ad down the screen. To move your ad back to the top of that job description you can buy a Bump. This is a great way to keep an ad fresh and visible.

Ads are posted for 14 days. If you need more time you can buy an extension for a week. You may do this twice for an ad.